artist statement

my desire is to expand our knowledge. what happens when art and science join forces? i'm an artist, not a scientist. i'm not pretending to be one; i don't want to be one. i'm just trying to make sense of my world. so are the scientists. i attempt to record phenomena that could only happen at a particular time and place, and point to our humanness (our scale, our abilities). rather than following the scientific method or rational logic, i approach this from the perspective of an artist, and attempt to answer the questions as only an artist could.

i am curious about physics because it is accepted as truth in our society, but as humans we can only experience so much of the world. we are limited by our individual abilities, but also by our evolutionary abilities. we can only see a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. the rest of it needs to be translated into parts we can see or hear for us to even be able to study it. my work intersects physics as i re-perform experiments as a layman/artist. perception, like science and history, it a metonymy for knowledge-how we see/perceive is linked to how we know/understand. i use photography, installation, and sculpture to create perceptual experiences that point to our ability to understand what we perceive.

"this is the type of science pursued by revolutionaries and artists-- it's a matter of not missing the right moment, of allowing it to propel one into the unknown."
- boris groys

"in order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe."
- carl sagan

"there are really two options when thinking about the big, big picture: be humble or be absurd."
- tim urban, wait but why